Need renter’s insurance in Freeport?

If Renter’s Insurance is really necessary, ask McLinn Insurance and find out why all renters need to have the right coverage. While renting an apartment or other home may not seem like as big a risk as owning one straight out, it’s still just as important to have the right coverage.

Need Renter’s Insurance in Freeport, IL?

If you’ve never rented a property or been required to carry renters insurance before, you might be unsure of whether renters insurance is necessary. That’s why it’s important to get the answers straight from the pros, McLinn Insurance of Freeport, IL has the answers to your questions.

Renters Insurance Coverage Offered by McLinn Insurance

So when your new landlord tells you having renters insurance is mandatory, why is that? Is having renters insurance really necessary?  On the inside scoop to help you answer these important questions and much more, here’s a deep dive into renters insurance in Freeport, IL, including if you really need it and why.

Is Renters Insurance Really That Important, and Why?

Great question. Three main things here. First, your stuff. The cost to replace all your personal belongings adds up quickly, especially the longer you’ve been renting, and the more stuff you’ve accumulated. Second, renters insurance pays for loss of use coverage in the event you’re temporarily displaced from your apartment. Third, it provides liability coverage in the event you hurt someone else or damage their property. So yes, it really is that important to have.

Why Do Some Landlords Encourage or Even Require Renters Insurance?

In your apartment or other rented property’s lease is something called an indemnification agreement. Basically, the landlord wants a legal guarantee that they’ll get paid back in the event that you, the renter, get sued. Today, every commercial lease has this agreement in it. It would be extremely difficult nowadays to find a legitimate rental property that didn’t require renters insurance in order to protect not only you as the renter, but also them as the rental company.

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